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Rent cheap storage units

Are you moving or are you in the middle of a renovation? Then your storage space may be too short. A new site, a new beginning, a new adventure or a new couch. Either way, a bright future awaits you. But meanwhile, worries are rising. What to do with all my stuff? Storage units are what you are looking for. Discover now why Okébox is the solution for all your worries.

storage units

Reasons to rent a storage unit

You could rent a storage unit for several reasons. We will name a few examples:

  • A moving
  • A renovation
  • Parking vehicles
  • Renting out your house
  • You simply run out of space

Renting storage units is ideal for all your stuff

Whether you are short of space at home or are about to move; at Okébox you can safely store all your belongings. A Storage has never been so handy before. Whether it concerns suitcases, musical instruments, winter tires or road bikes: we have the space you need. Our units are monitored 24//7 by our cameras. Besides, your belongings are also insured up to an amount of 2000 euros. This allows you to store your belongings in one of our storages without any worries.

rent storage units

The benefits of renting a storage

Renting storage units is nowhere else as advantageous as with OkéBox. For example, OkéBox does not only have one of the lowest prices in the region, but everything is arranged quickly and easily for you. All your belongings are stored dry and safely until the moment you wish to pick them up again. You can also move to a larger or smaller box at any time. Would you like to learn more about the benefits of Okébox, or would you like more information about our handy way of working? Do you want to rent a Storage space cheaply? Please contact us directly. One of our enthusiastic employees is happy to help you.

Waarom Okébox

  • Verhuishulp

    OKÉBOX maakt u het zo eenvoudig mogelijk om snel en praktisch uw spullen te verplaatsen. Bekijk ons uitgebreide aanbod aan verhuishulp

  • Zéér eenvoudig

    Overeenkomsten kunnen per 14 dagen opgezegd of aangepast worden. U kunt te allen tijde intern verhuizen naar een grotere of kleinere box.

  • Snel geregeld

    Na boxkeuze wordt ter plaatste een overeenkomst opgesteld. U ontvangt een slot met 2 sleutels alsmede een persoonlijke toegangspas: een opslagbox huren is dus snel geregeld!

  • Superbeveiliging

    Uw spullen worden droog en veilig opgeslagen. Alle sleutels staan geregistreerd. Okébox wordt 24 uur per dag middels 46 camera’s bewaakt en geregistreerd.


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